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A wild and wondrous chocolate with a strong, lingering taste. With just a hint of fruit, its undertones will make your mouth dance.


Cocoa mass, cane sugar, emulsifier (soya lecithin, GMO free) Cocoa Solids: 71% min


The province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador's Green Pearl, is one of the country's most important cacao growing areas. It’s population is 70% Afro-Ecuadoran, descended from slaves who arrived centuries ago with Spanish colonizers. The cacao in Esmeraldas - Cumba chocolate, is grown by the APROCA cooperative, an association of organic cacao growers in Atocames. Their processing center is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, which guarantees perfectly fermented and dried cacao and is noted for its special aroma. Their environmentally-friendly, small farms are certified organic and approved by the Rainforest Alliance. Sun, sand, sea and marimba come through in this delicious and rich chocolate with 71% cocoa.

esmeraldas cumba


Known as the green province of Ecuador


The climate varies depending on one of many zones, such as tropical, sub humid, humid, and humid subtropical. Average temperature is 74°F.

Esmeraldas, in the “Green Province of Ecuador”, is a coastal city in the northwestern part of the country and most of its territory is flat. Home to the are the Esmeraldas and the Santiago Rivers.

The main economic activities in the province are fishing, agricultural production and tourism.

General Data:

Area: 5,874 sq. mi.
Population: 430,000
Cantons: Esmeraldas, Muisne, Eloy Alfaro,
Quinindé, Río Verde.


Natural Resources:

Coastal and inland waters provide the processing plants with abundant fish and shrimp while bananas, African palm, maize, green bean, yucca, tobacco, achiote, citric, vegetables, melons, banana, sugar cane, coconut tree, abaca and rice make for a diverse agricultural production

esmeraldas esmeraldas

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