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Puerto Quito

Adagio Chocolates is proud to offer Cacaoyere chocolates from Ecuador.  Colorfully depicted with the image of an ocelot, a parrot, a butterfly or a hummingbird, each chocolate  represents one of Ecuador’s four distinct and diverse geographical regions - Amazonia, Esmeraldas, Bolivar and Pichincha.

Cacaoyere Why do we like single origin chocolate?

Like fine wine, fine chocolate derives its unique flavors from the terroir, the soil, weather conditions and cultivation techniques that contribute to the unique qualities of the crop.  To learn more about how terroir or sense of place determines and defines the regional qualities of Ecuadorian chocolates, Cacaoyere has created a special introductory offer for customers.  Beautifully arranged in a hand-crafted box made from tropical Ecuadorian timber, El Chocolatier comes with six chocolate bars and a documentary video that introduces chocolate lovers to Ecuador’s chocolate producing regions and the highly skilled artisans that produce Cacaoyere chocolates.